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the avengers?

how about the international justice league of super acquaintances


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PE doesn’t stand for physical education. it stands for public embarrassment 

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"I don’t understand why you wear your jersey when watching games at home" LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FAMOUS QUOTE OF SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND SPORTS AND FANS. 

gonna let y’all in on a secret: we wear our jerseys to ensure the effectiveness of the satanic ritual that is sports

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I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do know who’s gonna be my favorite character from like, two seconds of screen time. 

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A warmth was spreading through him that had nothing to do with the sunlight; a tight obstruction in his chest seemed to be dissolving.  He knew that Ron and Hermione were more shocked than they were letting on, but the mere fact that they were still there on either side of him, speaking bracing words of comfort, not shrinking from him as though he were contaminated or dangerous, was worth more than he could ever tell them.

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Chicharito thinks he’s friends with the squad now but when he leaves the locker room the first thing they talk about is how he couldn’t tell the difference from a Walmart clearance bag and a louis vuitton

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never let your printer know that you waited until the last minute to print something and you’re in a hurry. they can sense fear

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Iker Casillas + Cibeles
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